From the album Count the Wicked

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Written by Mama's Broke
Amy Lou - Banjo, Vocals
Lisa Maria - Guitar, Vocals

©all rights reserved


As the fire rages on and on
The lonesome count the sick and wicked faces until dawn
You'll find me in the bedroom with the blinds all drawn
You come, telling lies till I'm back to sleep

While my body cannot feel at home
In my head I'll never be alone
With them hungry little voices from an evil's done
They hum, telling lies till I'm back to sleep

Clouded eyes that call upon a storm
Staring down a face I've seen before
She says "Don't look out the window, here the inside's warm"
And it comes, cold black and deep

As the fire fades into the dawn
Still them sick and wicked faces linger on
I'm still hiding in the bedroom where no light has shone
I'm gone. Drift away, cold back to slee